​​Outpost Dire​

Epigraph of Volume I

Sometimes the things we aspire to be are the things that cause us to fail.

    Kyle Belote is a prior Marine and is currently serving the Marine Corps and their Family Community in Okinawa, Japan. He hails from Wimberley, Texas, a small town in the hill country just southwest of Austin. When he is writing, he enjoys writing character conflict and development, controversial issues while representing both sides without a particular leaning, and an overall engaging story. Kyle is a huge Star Wars fan and Expanded Universe novel fanatic. He enjoys a diverse amount of films, shows, and books. His life advice is: "Adapt and overcome and know that sometimes to overcome, you must circumvent. Don't be afraid to try and fail; you tried where others never tried at all. Settle for nothing less than you deserve. When you speak, speak your mind and be honest, no one can ever say you're duplicitous."

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